Business Center: From Temporary Office to Business Service Provider


The most modern business centers, such as Blend Tower in Milan, were conceived and developed to respond to the many needs of a growing business and modern professional, ranging from logistics to services.

Next to temporary office spaces, business centers consist of different sized meeting rooms – to host meetings with a single client, as well as a board meetings – that have been designed to accommodate training days or meetings that require the most sophisticated technology and IT services; ranging from the simple video projector and screen that is immediately usable by simply plugging it into a laptop, to video conferencing that allows a company to interact and collaborate with clients or personnel in remote locations. Of particular use to a company or business professional is the room combining facility that allows a number of meeting rooms to connect, for example, for training days or conventions that incorporate some communal sessions, with other sessions taking place in separate groups. check over here

Interestingly, business centers do not have to be used exclusively for their temporary offices, as they are often equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The most forward-thinking structures offer event spaces, like the panoramic lounge on the 11th floor of Blend Tower that hosts business and private events, new business or product launch parties thanks to its ability to be transformed into whatever theme of showroom the client requires.

From the point of view of services by stretching the concept of the business center, it becomes closely aligned to the concept of a ‘business incubator’, thanks to the supporting resources it provides new and existing businesses with, including basic and structural services, networking activities, advanced advisory services such as marketing, legal and financial recommendations, and the opportunity to connect with strategic partners.



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